Guidelines for conceptualization of doctoral projects from all partner Universities

Guidelines for conceptualization of doctoral projects from all partner Universities

This document is a topical guideline which should be treated as the basis for building the research questions of the doctoral projects in all partnering countries. This guideline synthesizes an array of literature and knowledge about the following issues of social practice, education, and research: 

  1. the three, central topics of the project introduced in the table below, 
  2. a brief overview of social work’s development history in PR China and Central Asia,
  3. an introduction into international social work literature, 
  4. brief coverage of existing knowledge around social work in drug treatment, in prisons, and with people who live with infectious diseases, 
  5. a review of social work ethics and standards, 
  6. introduction of the selected sustainable development goals and their possible combination with the three central research topics of the project, 
  7. concluding remarks on expected research projects and recommendations on further reading.

As  social  work  practice  and  research  with  drug  users  is  still  at  its  early  stages,  in  both China and Central Asia, our SOLID projectcan be used as tool in establishing and implementing social  work  education,  practice,  and  research.The  guidelines  elaborate  on  each  topic  and suggest a number of cross-variations for ways to operationalize in accordance with the relevant literature.  Thisguideline’s aim is to offer initial step in combining the overall project goals with the current situation in drug treatment provision and related social work practice and education in  all  partnering  countries.  Doctoral  students  are  encouraged  to  consult these  guidelines  along with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular sections 3, 4, 5, 10, and 16 

When  designing  their  doctoral  research  projects.  Possible  combination  of  the  project  goals  and SDGs are unpacked and discussed further belowin the paper. The suggested topics and sub-topics of the SOLID Exceed project revolve around three central areas:  

  1. Social work and drug therapy and counseling, including social work and psychosocial support in the context of opioid substitution
  2. Social work and HIV / AIDS, TB, hepatitis, corona
  3. Social work and prison (before / during / after imprisonment)
Published in 2020
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences