Competency profile of Social Work in Addiction Support and Addiction Prevention (2015, Münster, Germany)

Competency profile of Social Work in Addiction Support and Addiction Prevention (2015, Münster, Germany)

The entire addiction support system is complex and designed through various statutory orders and cost unit/ sponsor structures. So, the qualified withdrawal treatment (Qualified Detoxification) at the expense of health insurance usually as seamless transition to outpatient or inpatient addiction rehabilitation at the expense of the German Pension insurance is well regulated, following the principle: outpatient before inpatient and rehab before pension. The service providers have created a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program to ensure structural quality.

A different picture is shown in the outpatient addiction help, which is anchored in the regional municipalities. According to the political relationship of state or district policies at the local level, depending on the budgetary and regional demand situation, different drug service systems have been established as well as networking structures and cooperation. Due to primary funding from local authorities and the dependency on their financing scope, the maintaining, expanding but also limiting of this technically meaningful offer structure for the care of addicts is often subject to change.

As a result, at the regional level there has been a lot of heterogeneous systems of outpatient addiction help differentiated and professionalized. It ranges from the low-threshold survival aid, crisis intervention, prevention offers, addiction aid in companies to outpatient rehabilitation. Nevertheless, in order to have a certain comparability in the structures for access, we have created work areas such as those are found in addiction help organizations, and a descriptive, structured form of presentation. On the one hand, this represents the peculiarity of the respective field of work, but enables on the other hand, a basic comparability with the others areas. A total of eight fields of work are described:

  1. prevention;
  2. early intervention;
  3.  so-called low-threshold offers
  4. outpatient advice services (including psychosocial support during opiate substitution treatment);
  5. outpatient assisted living;
  6. the so-called acute addiction care;
  7. outpatient rehabilitation and
  8. aftercare as well as inpatient rehabilitation.

Based on the analysis of the forms of interventions in the entire area of addiction support not all of them, but most work areas are covered. 

The following structure is followed by the descriptions of the respective field of work:

  • Brief description of the field of work
  • Objectives of the offer
  • Range of services / interventions
  • Specific skills
  • Legal basis / cost unit
  • Cooperation partners
  • Documentation / evaluation / quality management
Published in 2015 by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziale Arbeit in der Suchthilfe

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