SOLID-EXCEED Learning Experience Platform

Information about our approach to the e-learning courses

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The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a learning software designed to create more personalized learning experiences and help users discover new learning opportunities. By combining learning contents from different sources, recommending, across the digital touch points, e.g. desktop application, mobile learning app and others. LXP offers a variety of materials both internal (created for a specific course) and external - videos and links to related publications. Another characteristic of LXP is the use of social learning. Social learning is learning from the other people – co-workers, experts, consultants. It is also process of learning in groups, both formal and informal. Social learning involves learning by interacting with other people.

These are examples of social learning that we aim to use:

Basic elements of every course


Information part

Introduction to the programme

Table of contents

Aims and effects of the training

Evaluation principles

Platform manual

Education part

Publications in .PDF format




Case study

Online library

Discussion online in small group

Assessment part


Open questions

The following E-learning courses are being developed:

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