SOLID-EXCEED: a jointly developed research program on the

influence of social work on the prevention and treatment of drug addiction

with the main focus on role of NGOs.

New SOLID project publication!

Social Work and Health in Prisons. Studies from Central Asia and China has just been published.

Creating humane prison conditions is one of today’s greatest challenges, as penitentiary systems remain closed and hidden from the public in many countries. This edited volume studies the development of social work and health services in the penitentiary systems of Central Asia and China in the context of ongoing prison reform. It examines state efforts to apply international prison standards and to create more humane prison conditions in a difficult political environment and in the context of scarce public resources. This publication is one of the first to provide a detailed account of prison health and social work in countries in Central Asia and in China.

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Posted on Apr 20, 2023.
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