SOLID-EXCEED: a jointly developed research program on the

influence of social work on the prevention and treatment of drug addiction

with the main focus on role of NGOs.

German Addiction Congress 2023

The German addiction congress is one of the most important and greatest interdisciplinary events on drugs and is looking for in Germany. This year's congress took place from September 18-20, 2023 at the Technical University (TU) Berlin.

Experiencing the latest from addiction research and care practice, presenting and discussing work results, maintaining his professional network ... all of this inspires and motivates us! After three years of pandemic and numerous online events, we know how valuable the possibility of direct, personal encounter is.

Pandemic has challenged each and each of us, as well as society as a whole. The health system in particular was hit hard by pandemic measures, sick leave and shortage of skilled workers. And now we are faced with war and additional crises. Almost 2 million people are looking for protection in Germany for humanitarian reasons. Climate change, energy crisis and inflation bring rising prices. They tighten poverty and promote social division. The term "turning point" expresses the historical dimension of the challenges.

Who are the vulnerable that are particularly stressed by the consequences? Do the diverse stressors contribute to a change in problematic substance use, excessive behavior and associated problems? How can innovation, digitization, sustainability and ecological tolerance in research and care be pushed despite scarce resources? Which new health policy framework conditions make sense?

In order to cope with the diverse tasks in the area of addiction, it requires a shoulder closure of all in research, prevention and care. The goal of this conference was therefore expressly to focus resources and solutions.

The Congress President offered the Solid project and PhDs from the four partner countries to report on their research work in an English -language session.

At the beginning of the congress, they were personally welcomed by the German government's drug officer, Burkard Blienert.

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Posted on Sep 18, 2023.
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