Summer School 2022
June 2022 - Frankfurt, Germany

From June 27th to July 8th, the Institute for Addiction Research (ISFF) organized a summer school at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Over twenty social work students, trained social workers and physicians from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan had the opportunity to gain exciting insights into the theory and practice of social work and social institutions in Germany, to discuss them in context and reflect on their perspectives. The program included seminars, workshops, panel discussions on the topic of social work in the drug sector, exciting visits to on-site facilities, including the drug consumption room at Niddastraße, a guided tour through Frankfurt’s main station district as well as visits to the nonprofit organizations Maincheck and Doña Carmen. Moreover, the summer school provided the opportunity to as well as short documentaries produced by the ISFF on different areas of the Social work in the drug and addiction area.

Evaluation report for the Summer School is available for download here.