Decade of Science
April 2023 - Astana, Kazakhstan

On April 6, 2023, the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov hosted an exhibition of scientific achievements, which was organized for the media as part of the Decade of Science. The exhibition featured a variety of projects and research from different fields of study, showcasing the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the presentation of the SOLID Kazakhstan team, who presented the SOLID international research project. The project aims to develop sustainable and inclusive societies by investigating the interplay between social, economic, and environmental factors. The team showcased their research findings, highlighting the importance of sustainable development and the need for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

After lunch, the SOLID Kazakhstan team and the Sociology Department held a scientific seminar on the "REVIEW OF RESEARCH METHODS IN THE SOLID PROJECT" topic. The seminar brought together experts from the field to discuss the research methods used in the project and the results of their studies.

The speakers at the seminar included Dinara Yessimova, an Associated Professor of the Department of Sociology and the Scientific Coordinator of the project, Maria Prilutskaya, a PhD and postdoc of the project, Medet Kudabekov, a senior lecturer of the Department of Sociology and PhD student of the project, and Dalida Mukasheva, a PhD student of the project.

During the seminar, the speakers presented the methods and results of their scientific research. Maria Prilutskaya spoke on the topic of "Quantitative methods and their analysis," discussing the use of statistical analysis in social science research. Dalida Mukasheva presented her research on "Social work as a factor in strengthening social well-being in the penitentiary system: on the example of social work with people living with HIV," highlighting the importance of social work in promoting social well-being and reducing social exclusion. Medet Kudabekov discussed "Desk research," presenting his findings on the use of secondary data sources in social science research.

The scientific seminar was a great success, providing a forum for experts to exchange ideas and discuss the latest findings in the field. The SOLID Kazakhstan team's presentation of their research project was a highlight of the exhibition, showcasing the importance of sustainable development and cross-disciplinary collaboration in tackling global challenges. Overall, the event was a valuable opportunity for the public and media to learn more about the latest scientific research and its potential impact on society.