2020 SOLID School

The "October School" is was online event with a mix of pre-recorded video presentations and live components.  

The "live" part took place from 26th to 30th October 2020, and its objectives were:

  • to impart professional skills (such as understanding the background of the Drugs and HIV/AIDS Situation in Central Asia and China; the philosophy of the SDGs; the SOLID exceed project agenda and research projects); and;
  • to update knowledge in key areas of social work, psychiatry and dependence/addiction research and practice (e.g. epidemiology, addiction, affective disorders and anxiety disorders, Opiate Substitution Treatment etc.).The topics will be presented in highly virtual/digital interactive workshops

Over 6 hours of video presentations are available, and new items are added daily - so visit us frequently! Many of the videos are bi-lingual, with closed-captions in both English and Russian.