Social Work in Central Asia and China | SOLID School 2020

Specialists working in Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China discuss issues related with social work and drug treatment in countries of Central Asia and China. Lectures delivered during SOLID October School 2020.

35 activities 05h 45m 05s of videos

I - Kyrgyzstan

Watch Zhyldyz  Bakirova presenting at the SOLID October school.

II - Kazkhstan

Dinara Yessimova and her colleagues discuss various topics related to social work in Kazakhstan

III - Evidence-based psycho-social interventions to treat addictions

  • What is a psychosocial intervention and what is not?
  • What are the types of psychosocial intervention exist?
  • What does evidence-based mean?

IV - China

Min Zhao discusses drug treatment and addiction in China

V - Azerbaijan

Presentations by Aysel Sultan

VI - Nurgul Musaeva - Thursday 29th October

The role of NGOs in the treatment and prevention of drug addiction in Kyrgyzstan